Cesare Ripa and allegory's spaces

Congress proceedings in Bergamo 2009 September 9th/10th

by Sonia Maffei


Cesare Ripa's iconology is the most known allegories handbook of history of art and it was born and develops in a complex background which needs an interdisciplinary approach. The Congress "Cesare Ripa and allegory's spaces" has this aim: to stimulate this approach to emblematic culture of XVI century. This volume contains interesting contents and shows different methods of approach used by historians and specialists who took part in the Congress. The essays  collected in this volume open new perspectives of study in many spheres: some concern pictorial Ripa's fortune, others analyse Ripa's relation with its sources and others again analyse the text from a philosophical and semiotic point of view and the last ones pay attention to the publishing history of the volume and to its fortune.


Edited by Sonia Maffei

Euro 80,00
Naples, 2010



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